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Our Journey

The journey from the initial Plextrum concept to manufacture has been long, interesting, informative and sometimes incredibly frustrating!

Trevor created the first Plextrum using old picks, sandpaper, and glue in his garage in 2017. Once he'd figured out that his design made strumming his guitar easier and smoother he wondered whether this idea was a winning one.

After finding out that no one had created a product like the Plextrum before, he reached out to designers and manufacturers to get the ball rolling. With the help of the teams at Innovate in Salisbury, Geltec in Paignton and Opus Plastics in Exeter the Plextrum was designed and developed into the product you see on our website today.

As if the learning curve with design and manufacture wasn't enough, the Plextrum is also patent-pending and navigating the legal process to get Trevor's innovative idea protected was a long and confusing journey in itself!

Despite the length of the journey, and the setbacks encountered along the way, we think you'll agree that the Plextrum and the attention to detail that has been consistent along the way has been worth the wait.

We're looking forward to bringing Plextrum to various guitar shows and events across the UK once lockdown has been eased and safety measures are in place. In the meantime you can find photos, videos, and testimonials on our website and our social media channels.

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