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Playing My Plextrum

The Plexrum has come a long way since the very first one was made out of old plectrums and sandpaper in a garage in Somerset back in 2017. If you want to hear more about this journey and how it went from idea to product read this post here.

With our official launch in 2020 not how we envisioned it due to the global pandemic, we were unable to get out to the guitar shows and showcase our product. However, we have still had an amazing response to our new innovative product.

Sadly it looks like the guitar shows will not be opening any time soon which means it will be a while before we can get out on the road and meet you.

So whilst we are waiting we thought we could offer you the opportunity to be featured in our Instagram stories.

Take a photo of you and your Plextrum or a video of you playing your Plextrum and include the hashtag #playingmyplextrum on Instagram and we will feature your picture or video in our stories.

Don’t have a Plextrum yet? No worries, here is the link to our shop. If you have any questions contact us and we will help you out.

Happy playing and we look forward to your pictures and videos.

Playing My Plextrum
Playing My Plextrum

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