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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Plextrum differ from a normal guitar plectrum

What is the benefit of the moving tongue?

What is the benefit of the thick body?

Will the Plextrum make me a better player?

What is the difference between the acetal, nylon and polycarbonate plextrums

Which material is better?

Can you switch between strumming and picking with the Plextrum?

Does the tongue wobble around?

Can I get a Plextrum to review?

The Plextrum is designed to make playing more comfortable by reducing hand fatigue with a patented hinge mechanism. This produces a smoother strumming experience and a high quality sound.

The movement of the tongue stops the tip of the Plextrum catching on the strings of your instrument and improves the angle at which the tongue strikes. 

The thicker body is easier to grip than a normal pick. The body is textured for added grip which reduces fatigue when playing for long periods and is beneficial for players with small hands or with limited dexterity.

In the same way that using a brand new guitar doesn't make you a better player, the Plextrum doesn't increase your skill more than practice and perseverance. It does, however, make playing comfortable for longer periods making sure you can get hours of practice in!

Acetal has less natural friction, Nylon gives you more feel and  Polycarbonate is grippier on the strings. 

This largely depends on personal preference and individual playing style. Generally, we would recommend Acetal for acoustic instruments nylon works well and electric and acoustic with  Polycarbonate working best for electric.

It's easy to switch between strumming and picking by using the textured fingergrip and slightly adjusting your grip. Don't worry, you can switch easily and quickly while playing!

The tongue only moves when the strumming changes direction.

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