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Bristol Guitar Show

At the end of April, we visited our first ever guitar show in Bristol and got to take our patented Plextrums on the road!

It was great to meet lots of guitar enthusiasts and to give people the chance to try out the Plextrum for the first time since launching the business back in 2020. Lots of people came to say hello and were impressed by the hinged movement, smooth strumming and precision picking that we offer and it was wonderful to hear some really positive feedback on a product we’ve worked really hard on.

We know that the Plextrum is quite controversial so we heard a lot from guitarists who were sceptical or who knew what they liked and didn’t want to deviate from that. Although it’s not for everyone, we were really pleased with how many people gave the Plextrum a go and their feedback was valuable to us as we continue to innovate and grow our business. By far our most popular Plextrum on the day was the polycarbonate, in particular our thickest plectrum proved to be the favourite of the day and we spoke to lots of people looking for a new way to play their electric guitars.

Being at guitar shows and meeting people who love to play is what we were the most excited about when we started Plextrum and after a couple of hard years it was lovely to be able to get out on the road with the team and show our product to people who loved it, loathed, or weren’t quite sure about it.

We’ll be attending more guitar shows in the future so make sure to sign up to our mailing list to find out where we’ll be before anyone else.

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