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Who we are


Trevor and Cheryl Lewis are a husband and wife team who live in Somerset with their whippet Lottie.

Trevor invented the Plextrum in his garage while looking for a better way to play one of his many guitars. Luckily for Cheryl, the Plextrum can also be used for playing her ukulele and she's been one of the key testers - along with three very keen grandchildren!

Our values


As a small family business, Plextrum strives to keep people at the heart of what they do. The relationships we build with our customers are important to us; if you're happy then so are we.

We also think that it's important to keep local businesses running during often difficult times, which is why the Plextrum has been designed and produced in the UK. 

Additionally, we think that great guitar playing shouldn't cost the earth. Plextrum is produced in an environmentally conscious way with recyclable packaging and minimal waste during production.

Man playing guitar with plextrum


I would use this product without hesitation, well done on a new and exciting product.

Arthur S

Professional player for over 50 years


Highly recommended to anyone who owns a guitar, this will become the next must have item. The plectrum has finally been modernised.

 Paul H

Hobby player


They make the craziest of strumming patterns a breeze and despite having put them through some crazy stuff all week I never dropped one once.

Stuart R

Long term player

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