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The Plectrum.


Images of Plextrum are illustrative, final Plextrums will be different in appearance as the above image is a CAD render.


When Trevor created the early versions of the Plextrum he had a simple goal; create a smoother strumming motion to improve sound and ease of playing.

The Plextrum has 3 main features to achieve this:

The Body is thicker than a traditional pick and textured for improved grip, even for long playing sessions.

The Tongue has a patent pending mechanism which allows 20 degrees of movement. This perfects the angle of the Plextrum throughout each and every strum leading to a cleaner, smoother sound. 

The Fingergrip gives the player control of the tongue angle for easy switching between smooth strumming and precise picking.

Our patent pending design feels natural to beginners and enhances professional playing experience and sound.

We offer a range of thicknesses so users can find the perfect Plextrum to suit their playing style.

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Plextrum is



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Made in Acetal, Nylon and Polycarbonate

Acetal is known for quality of wear and sounds for guitar picks.

Nylon gives a nice feel on the string

Polycarbonate gives great attack which is perfect for lead guitar soloists.

Smooth strumming

The innovative pivot mechanism allows the tongue up to 20 degrees of movement for a smoother , easier strumming performance

Variety of thicknesses

The tongue comes in 3 thicknesses so you have a choice of Plextrums to suit your own playing style.

Precise picking

The Plextrum's finger-grip gives greater control for picking single notes.

Easy grip means easy play

The Plextrum is designed with playing in mind so we've added grip to keep it in your hand and off the floor.

Images of Plextrum are illustrative, final Plextrums will be different in appearance as the above image is a CAD render.


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Plextrum. From Humble Beginnings.

The Plextrum was created in a garage in Somerset. Born from a desire to innovate and create, company founder and inventor Trevor Lewis designed and built the first iteration of the Plextrum in 2017 out of old picks, sandpaper, and glue. We've come a long way since then and you can find out the whole story by clicking the link below.

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