Plextrum. The plectrum, re-imagined.

The Plextrum


The Plextrum has the same width and length dimensions as a traditional pick, but the body is 5mm thick to help grip. 

The tongue of the Plextrum comes in 3 thicknesses, so you can choose the Plextrum that suits your playing style:


Thin - 0.5 mm 

Medium - 0.75mm 

Thick -  1mm

Each thickness comes in a different shade so if you order more than one Plextrum, you'll always be able to tell them apart.

After sending the Plextrum to various product testers, we have found that generally Acetal Plextrums are preferred for acoustic playing, while Polycarbonate Plextrums are preferred for playing with electric guitars.





Check out the Plextrum in action!

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